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    HABX ensures the expansion of educational expertise through scientific articles. It allows the users to be a part of scientific knowledge contributions, where users can submit their articles which will be posted after being reviewed by HABX scientific team.

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    In conjunction with the hematology analyzer Yumizen H2500, the slide system Yumizen SPS can run the following operations:

    SMEAR: Preparation of a sample blood smear

    STAIN: Preparation and staining of a sample blood smear


The word "heme" comes from the Greek for blood. Blood is basic to almost all the body's functions, and a blood test can reveal more about physical condition than almost any other kind of examination.

Clinical Chemistry

Concerned with analysis of body fluids and blood. It uses chemical reactions to determine the levels of various chemical compounds in bodily fluids.


Haemostasias, defined as arrest of bleeding, a thrombohaemmorhagic balance which is maintained in body by complicated interactions between coagulation & the fibrinolytic system as well as platelets & vessel wall.

Welcome to HABX

Unearth Indian Scientific Researches

Hematology Analyzer Based Xchanges (HABX) is a distinctive digital platform to enhance scientific knowledge in hematology. It is a stage to exhibit and elucidate your opinions, post case observations and findings from real time laboratory work experience and to connect with pathologists from all around the world. It can assist you in getting introduced to the world of possibilities in hematology. Let’s explore the world of Hematology.

From the President’s Desk

Lifelong learning is to the brain what food is to a human body. The Hematology Analyzer Based Xchanges (HABX) by HORIBA Medical India is one such digital platform that supports and encourages life-long learning in the field of medical diagnostics. The various training programs, dialogue exchange, e-newsletters and articles help the medical community to share their research work and new findings with each other more effectively. The goal of HORIBA Medical and HABX is to bring in new real-time ideas within the medical fraternity to serve the human community.

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Dr. Rajeev Gautam
Corporate Officer, HORIBA Ltd., Japan
President, HORIBA India Pvt. Ltd.

Our Mentors

An Advisor & a coach providing guidance, feedback, realistic and unbiased advice & mentors at each step creating new perspectives & generating a special bond that provides long-lasting & special bilateral relationship.

Dr. Sukesh C Nair
Professor of Pathology, CMC

Scientific coordinator & creator of concept of Haemocytomorphometry. Involved in standardisation of thrombotic, characterising bleeding, haemolytic haematological disorders.

Dr. Aparna Jairam
Founder & Director - Asavlee Labs

Highly skilled and experienced in Immunology, Autoimmunity, Infertility, Quality-ISO 15189, NABL, NABH, Microbiology, Veterinary Pathology, Marketing, CMEs and Lectures.

Dr. Parag Dharap
Consultant Pathologist

An expertee in Lab medicine & Instrumentation, Local verification & Evaluation of lab instruments, QC, Hematology, Clinical Pathology & Biochemistry.

Dr. Anil Handoo
Senior Director, Laboratory Services

A leading name when it comes to speciality in pathology treatment in India, having widely acknowledgement for versatile and patient-centric approach.

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HELO (HORIBA Evolutive Laboratory Organisation) is a modern mélange of innovative design, robust manufacturing standards, undisputed efficiency, unflinching accuracy, standardization & bullet-proof patient data safety. Embedded with advanced technologies of Yumizen H2500/H1500 which are well-established with over 3 decades of unbeatable experience in Hematology diagnosis with highest analytical performances.


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Sponsored Courses by Our Affiliate

Here's a list of various specialized professional courses offered by our Affiliate HITI (Horiba India Technical Institute)

Workshop on Advanced Hematology Automation & Digital Morphology

This two-day intensive hands-on workshop on advanced hematology automation and digital morphology provides insights and prepares pathology students for optimally understanding and utilizing state-of-the-art, modern hematology automation.


In a diverse country like India, language is often a barrier to learning and transfer of knowledge. Through a combination of live lectures, interactive sessions by experienced faculty, you gain an overview about the knowledge and skills required for your professional growth.

Practical Challenges in a Clinical Biochemistry Lab

In this three-day program, participants will receive distilled practical insights from three highly experienced and respected domain experts into the practical challenges faced in a biochemistry laboratory, and how to manage them.

Latest News, Stories & Tips

Latest updates on Pathology, Hematology, Histopathology, Immunology, Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry or Hemostasis.

Modern Pathology

Modern Pathology’s scope encompasses advances in the molecular diagnostics and genomic classifications of disease as well as discoveries in immune-oncology, computational science and applied bioinformatics, and digital pathology.

Haematology Research in India

The pioneers in the field of Haematology research not only did exemplary work compared to advanced western countries, they also made it a point to develop centres of excellence and human resources for future of haematology work here.

Proteomics in pathology

2-DE & mass spectrometry largely contribute to the identification of proteins & peptides, used to study their differential expression of peptides and proteins in various disease entities, searching for new diagnostic and therapeutic targets.