“Knowledge is Power & Sharing Knowledge is Sharing the Power”

HABX is an online digital scientific platform where healthcare professional involved in study of hematology, its testing or related diagnosis can RECITE, INSCRIBE & SHARE their views, opinions, suggestions, data interpretations, post-case observations & unique findings from their real-time laboratory work experience.

Main Objective:

  • READ: About Blood, CBC, Instrumentation, Testing, Parameters, Clinical Utilities.
  • LEARN: CBC, Blood Basics, Parameters, Instruments, Research, Literature Review.
  • SHARE: Articles, Case Studies, Data Analysis, Testing Issues, Instrumentation Concerns.
  • WRITE: Views, Opinions, Proposals, Findings, Observations, Feedbacks.


Besides the main objectives, it also serves as:    

  • Objective Platform for Laboratories & Hospitals to share their experience in hematology practice, personal experience, manual or analyzer based testing etc.
  • Interactive platform for hematology researchers & students to conduct research studies on the subject and to facilitate its submission. Also, they can seek expert opinion if any kind of support is required.
  • To share technical write-ups, scientific literature, useful videos or medical research advancement and its utility in real-time practice of the Hematology.


How Can Healthcare professionals get Benefitted:

  • Share their real-time laboratory practice experience in the form of article, write-up or observation based case study.
  • Submit their research proposal for conducting study in association with Industry Experts.
  • They can ask for expert opinion on the subject and get clarified through authentic and reliable resources and sources available with us.
  • Exchange or Express their findings on Hematology and Laboratory practices and share their distinctive observations in population globally.
  • Create a community of like-minded professionals.
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