Comparative evaluation of 4 automated hematologic analysers with immunological reference method in thrombocytopenic haematological patients.

By Papa F. Cedrone M, Rongioletti M., Fenu S., Chierichini A., Panetta V., Antonucci G., Annino L. and Liumbruno G.-

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The appropriate prophylactic transfusion threshold (TT) for platelets in hematologic patients was lowered in the last two decades from 20x109/l to 10x109/l. Recently, a further reduction of TT to 5x109/l has been suggested, though the potential inaccuracy of standard routine haematology analysers for very low platelet count (PC) is a major concern. Our aim was to evaluate, in adult haematological thrombocytopenic patients, the PC accuracy of 4 different haematology analysers utilizing different technologies: i) the optical one ADVIA120 (Siemens); ii) the impedancemetry-based one PENTRA120DX (Horiba Medical) and LH750 (Coulter); and iii) both technologies XE2100 (Siemens). The obtained results were compared to the immunological reference method validated by the International Society of Laboratory Haematology.

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