Performance evaluation of machine learning?based infectious screening flags on the HORIBA Medical Yumizen H550 Haematology Analyzer for vivax malaria and dengue fever

By Parag Dharap and Sebastien Raimbault-

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For the first time with Haematology Analyzers using cost-efficient technology, the HORIBA Medical Yumizen H550 demonstrates flags for vivax malaria and dengue fever that can be clinically useful for the screening of these infections in low-resourced, endemic areas and thus facilitate further diagnosis testing in a cost effective manner. Unlike previously reported malarial and dengue screening studies using only high range instruments  this approach is based on machine learning from instrument generated raw data measurements from a more affordable CBC-DIFF analysis and does not depend on prior cell population classifications of the sample. This ability to screen for diseases like dengue fever without a unique disease specific signal suggests that machine learning data-mining techniques can provide
means of disease profiling based upon the immune or cellular responses of the patient. This approach with continued refinement could be extended to screen for various other pathologies and performance could be further improved as the experiential database increases.

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