CBC Monsoon series session 1 - “The Ooh.. Aah.. and Ouch.. of PLATELET COUNT”

By Dr. Anil Handoo-

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 “CBC – Count Beyond Cells – Monsoon Series”  is dedicated to monsoon diseases. In most common monsoon disease like dengue and malaria many hematological parameters get deranged such as  Platelets, RBC & WBC; and counting really gets difficult sometimes. New age hematology analyzers with innovative technology is an answer to these problems.

 The first session of this series titled “The Ooh.. Aah.. and Ouch.. of PLATELET COUNT” is based on  platelets- morphology, histograms, methods of counting, advancements, fallacies and much more…

Speaker: Dr. Anil Handoo, Senior Director, Hospital Laboratory Services, Max Healthcare Institute Ltd., BLK Super Speciality Hospital

Moderator: Dr. Ankur Lath, Scientific Manager, HORIBA Medical, India


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