Count Beyond Cells – Monsoon Series on “Monsoon Mystery - Secret Lives of RBCs”.

By Dr. C N Srinivas-

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Not only Platelets and WBC but RBCs can be targets of infection directly or indirectly. In monsoon related diseases, changes are also seen in RBC. When the microorganism enters the RBC directly, RBC damage becomes a fundamental aspect of the disease process. Malaria is the best example of an organism that directly targets the RBC.

Let’s explore RBC in detail: morphology, types, microcytes, macrocytes, histograms, methods of counting, advancements, fallacies and much more…

Speaker: Prof. Dr C N Srinivas, MD(Path), DipNB, FCAP, PGDHRM, eMBA, CLLMC, MLE(Harvard)


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