The Lasting Symptoms of "COVID-19"

By Dr. Parag Dharap, Dr. Ankur lath-

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The pandemic has also reiterated that young, fit and healthy individuals are not ‘safe’ by virtue of the low mortality rate, and that herd immunity is untenable,  especially in a population like India’s. We must continue to observe precautions, listen to each other, work together and replace data with better data to see this through. With newer strains emerging and  increase in number of long COVID patients, proper history, examination, relevant investigations and follow up with holistic approach is necessity of time. Mild or no symptoms, No recommended follow-up schedule. Those who have prolonged periods of fatigue are commonly required to do CBC and inflammatory markers ( CRP and Ferritin) tests. Critically ill, close and regular follow-ups are essential . And most often, these patients will and do need a structured, long-term rehabilitation process. Long COVID clinics are being rolled out across country.


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