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HABX: Learning Platform for Hematologists is a unique platform to inform, learn, share and discuss about concepts and research studies on human blood i.e. hematology. This is first of its kind web resource which can be utilized by pathologists, microbiologists, laboratory experts and medical students and researchers who have special interest in the study of blood or related areas of pathology. This platform is developed by the team of medical experts and team of IT experts who specifically selects and choose studies, case reports and other technical literature to be shared with its registered users.

This platform not just informs and makes your learn but also informs its users regarding various conferences, workshops and CMEs on the subject of hematology. HABX team also entertains its registered users through quiz, intellectual games, contests and other related activities. This platform has been designed keeping in mind the interactive nature of our users and subject experts. Intellectual curiosity to explore & deliver critical, vital and important subject related enhancements and updates in research achievements by the scientists and researchers in the field of Hematology. Overall, it will add value to practicing pathologists and academicians in bring out best for the industry and to keep its users interested in subject of Hematology.

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